Fellows Raises the Bar with New 360° Photography

Fellows introduces 360° photographs to their auction of Vintage & Modern Wrist Watches, allowing watch buyers to scrutinize potential purchases more clearly than ever before...


Fellows auctioneers of Birmingham are leading the way in online watch auctions by introducing 360 degree photographs to their watch descriptions, allowing watch buyers to scrutinize their potential purchases more clearly than ever before. This new functionality will be rolled out starting with Fellows’ specialist watch sale, Vintage & Modern Wrist Watches on Monday 20th January.


The 360° photographs will allow potential buyers to zoom in and spin the lot, examining the dial, crown and case back of all watches in an exceptional level of detail. All of this will add to the online user experience, giving buyers who cannot view in person more confidence in their bidding and reaffirming Fellows’ position as a pioneer in online auctions.


Stephen Whittaker, Managing Director, comments “our continued investment in creating a rich online experience for our customers is really about giving the online buyer absolute confidence in what they are bidding on. They’ll be able to see every scratch and blemish no matter where they are in the world – such a tool is truly indispensable”.


Fellows hope to see 360° photography rolled out for all specialist auctions later in the year.



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