Delftware From Attic to Auction

Delftware From Attic to Auction


On a recent routine valuation and house clearance, Fellows Antiques specialist Mark Huddleston was searching unassumingly in a garage loft when he discovered a collection of 18th century English Delftware, mostly attributable to the Bristol area.


Delftware is a tin-glazed earthenware first produced around Delft in Holland to imitate the whiteness of Chinese porcelain. Its production spread to a number of English regions including Lambeth, Bristol and Liverpool. The most recognisable example in the collection is a rare 'Farmyard' plate decorated with a cockerel, dating from around 1740.


Also found in the trunk were: a drug jar or 'albarello' used by early apothecaries to store ingredients, and a number of other plates attributed to such rare potters as Thomas Cantle at Temple Back.


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Pictured left are lots 117 (top) and 118 (bottom), each with an estimate of £100-£150.



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