Other Valuation Services



Other types of valuation services that we can provide include those for Capital Gains Tax purposes, Private Sale and loan security.


Capital Gains Assessment

This valuation type is for those required to pay tax on a Capital Gain. Our report provides a historical Open Market figure for the item and one representing its current value.


Private Sale

You may be contemplating selling jewellery to a friend or relation and need a reference point from which to work out a sale price.


This valuation is designed for private individuals wishing guidance to a fair asking price when selling an item or items between themselves.


For this valuation to be of help it is customary for the parties involved to agree to be guided by an expert who has no relationship to the people concerned and no interest in the outcome over and above the fee charged. What you decide is the right price is, of course, up to you but this valuation will provide a guide to a reasonable price, fair to all sides.


Loan Security

This valuation type is of as sistance to those who have been asked to accept jewellery or gemstones as security.  A security of loan report could save you a great deal of money.  This service is of particular interest to banks, solicitors, pawn brokers and private individuals lending money secured by precious jewellery or gemstones.

For further information please contact Geoff Whitefield on 0121 212 2131

or email geoff@fellows.co.uk