The Specialist Wrist & Pocket Watch auctions take place four times a year and normally contains between 400-600 lots. The wrist watch section of the auction includes:

  • Contemporary and modern watches
  • 20th century & later watches
  • Military watches
  • Cocktail watches

Small groups of watches, watches for repair, spare parts, boxes & bags of watches
This section of the auction contains watches that are in need of repair and in some cases are only suitable for spare parts for other watches; because of the volume of watches in this section we are unable to provide condition reports on the contents of the bags.
It also includes small groups of watches, watch straps and other spare parts that may be useful to horologists and traders for repairing and restoring watches for resale.
Pocket Watches
The pocket watches section of the auction usually consists of:

  • Georgian & Early Continental
  • Victorian & Period Continental
  • Edwardian
  • 20th century & later
  • Small groups & repairers lots
  • Albert chains, Fobs & Watch keys

If you’re interested in collecting watches, please visit our specialist watch auctions site where you can access our collector’s guide which provides details of previously sold items.

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