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  • This lot has been entered by a pawnbroker and may be withdrawn at any time.
  • This lot comes with associated papers/warranty cards.
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  • This lot comes with a box.
  • Proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to charity.


A mid 19th century 15ct gold ruby and diamond bangle. The scrolling ribbon panel, with vari-shape ruby and diamond accents and similarly gem-set central loop, to the scrolling foliate engraved sides and hinged half-bangle. Estimated total diamond weight 0.50ct. Inner diameter 5.8cms. Weight 33.8gms. With associated case.

Condition Report

The lot is in good overall condition with light scratches in keeping with general wear. Personal engraving to the inside of the plain half "Jan'y 1st 1869". Glazed panel to reverse is cracked. Small spots of discolouration to the inside of the band, wear to the gilt finish. Minor pitting marks. The diamonds appear bright and well matched. Individual diamonds too small to accurately assess colour/clarity grades. Please see important notices for purchasers in the catalogue and on our website for Coloured Gemstones. The rubies are a deep, vibrant slightly purplish red hue, the smaller rubies to the line with a slightly paler purplish red hue. Case shows significant wear, one side panel AF. The US prohibits the importation of items containing rubies or jadeite originating in Burma. For your convenience we have applied this notice to lots which contain rubies or jadeite originating in Burma, of indeterminate origin.

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