Auction Estimates

With years of experience and specialist knowledge of antiques, jewellery and watches, our specialists are able to provide free auction valuations by a variety of methods.

In Person at Fellows Birmingham or London

Simply bring along your items to one of our offices and our specialists will be able to provide you with a free, no obligation, auction estimate. If you're happy with the estimate and your item is appropriate for auction, you will be able to consign to the next relevant sale.

Online Valuation Form

If you are unable to visit us in person, simply click on the 'Request a Valuation' button below to complete an online form. You will need to provide a detailed description of the item and photographs where possible. You will need to register with Fellows to complete this process.

We will aim to get back to you within 5 working days.

External Valuation Days

Fellows holds regular valuation days around the UK. Simply check our calendar to see when we will next be in an area near you.

House Visits

Our Antiques specialists are able to conduct house visits in order to value larger items or for house clearance enquiries.


Request a Valuation


Insurance Valuation

Can you prove the worth of your items? Can you afford to make up any shortfall in the event of a claim, should the value be disputed?

With many appraisals lacking vital information or simply being spurious, you may find your valuation is not worth the paper it's printed on. Therefore, it is vital to acquire an impartial and accurate valuation which both you and your insurance company can trust.

Increasingly these are only accepted if they have been prepared by an National Association of Goldsmiths. Institute Registered Valuer. Governed by a strict code of practice that maintains the highest of standards, N.A.G. Institute Registered Valuations are professionally recognised as the most trusted and authoritative providers of appraisals for items of jewellery, watches and silver.

Insurance valuations are required to provide evidence of value and ownership in the event of loss or damage. A correct valuation ensures you can identify the necessary level of cover in these instances, and that your rights to request a fitting replacement are maintained.

Valuables are not always covered under a policy if they are outside of the home and higher value items may not be automatically covered under a contents policy at all. It is therefore important that your policy correctly reflects the item's worth and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure this can be proved.

NAG IRV valuations are fully researched and represent replacement prices within the most appropriate market. If your item is particularly rare or collectable, your valuation will help clarify to your insurer why a mainstream high street supplier or modern replacement may not be suitable.

(It is worth remembering that in the event an item is sighted by you or recovered by the police after it has been stolen, it will not be returned to you without proper proof of ownership.)

For more info on the N.A.G. Institute please visit


Post Loss Assessment

It is always favourable to have an up-to-date valuation prepared well in advance of needing to make a claim, however, when one is unavailable a post loss valuation can be provided. In this instance, the valuer will try to build up a picture of the missing item by drawing on any supporting information, such as photographs, old receipts and out-of-date valuations.

These assessments are independent, unbiased and suitable for submission to your insurance company in support of your claim. You may find this is necessary to help justify values on pieces if they are disputed by your insurer or their representatives.


Statement of Current Value

This statement presents the current retail replacement price for a branded item. It includes a full description and image, along with details of the closest current equivalent, should the piece no longer be in production. Model, movement and individual case and/or serial numbers are also stated (where applicable) to support proof of ownership and allow the item to be registered in the event of loss/theft.

An important part of this process is the dialogue between valuer and client as this can help establish the most appropriate avenue for replacement based on the client's attachment to the piece, such as a 'new-for-old' at retail or 'like-for-like' from a specialist market.

This may serve as a cost-effective alternative to a standard insurance valuation.

Typical charge is £75.00 + VAT

(Please note, we routinely request for any boxes and guarantee paperwork to be brought in with the item.)


Authentication Reports

An additional service Fellows provides is the disclosure of after-market customisation to branded watches and jewellery. Customisations can significantly reduce the value and saleability of an item as it will no longer be regarded as genuine by the brand and insurer alike. In fact, many brands will refuse to undertake maintenance on these items, and those that will, may only do so if these alterations are put right at the client's expense. Some brands do offer permitted upgrades that may enhance value and being able to provide proof of these may save a lot of questions later.

Please note, an authentication report on its own makes no definitive financial statement.

Typical charge per item £70.00 + VAT


How often should I get my items valued?

Insurance valuations should be reviewed regularly to help keep your insurance premium as economical as possible. An item's value can fluctuate over time for various reasons, such as changes to the item's condition, precious metal and stone prices, and exchange rates.

Insurance claims are normally validated at the current market price irrespective of the sum insured. In other words, an inaccurate valuation (due to its being spurious or out-of-date) may negatively affect how much premium you pay, and give you a false impression of how much you are entitled to in the event of a claim.

We recommend having your valuations reviewed every three to five years and at Fellows we offer a reduced rate rather than the full valuation fee for this update service.

Our valuations are presented in portfolio format and include:

  • Letter of transmittal
  • A fully detailed description for each item along with explanatory notes
  • Multiple colour photographs
  • Inspection of each item and advice on any repair recommendations
  • Condition report
  • Insurer's summary
  • Glossary of terms

Insurance Valuation Costs

  • Standard Document Fee: £60.00

Plus fee per item:

  • Plain Metal: £30.00
  • Simple Gem Set: £40.00
  • Complicated Gem Set: £60.00
  • Group of lower value items (up to 10): £30.00
  • Premium Item (items worth £5,000 or more): £120.00*

Exceptional Item (signed/researched) estimate*

*Additional laboratory fees may apply

Probate Valuation

Probate valuation is an important part of the process of administering the estate of a deceased person. It helps ascertain the value of their estate for legal purposes.

The period after a close friend or relative's death can be difficult for everyone involved. We understand that a probate valuation might be the last thing on your mind, however, it is important because it helps:

  • enable HM Revenue and Customs to establish the correct amount of inheritance tax payable, if any.
  • establish the appropriate value of any assets and assists with equitable division.
  • Identify, for the executors, any items listed in the will

We understand that dealing with probate can be distressing and therefore we are dedicated to providing a service that is carried out sensitively and completed swiftly*.


Our full probate service includes:

  • A written valuation
  • Travel to any location
  • House clearance
  • Safe storage for more valuable items
  • Arrangement for items to be offered at the next appropriate auction
  • Disposal of items unsalable by law


Probate Valuation Costs

To receive a quote for this service please email

Quotes will vary; however, all probate valuations will include a charge for house visits to assess general contents: £125.00 p/hour plus VAT @ 20% (plus associated travelling costs)

*These valuations will satisfy the requirements of Section 160 of the Inheritance Taxes Act, 1984.

Divorce Valuation

Sadly, as more and more marriages are requiring the intervention of the legal system, this type of valuation is becoming increasingly common. The stress of divorce makes this a very delicate process and so we recognise it requires a valuer who is equipped to provide a sympathetic and discreet service in assessing the worth of the couple’s assets.

A family division valuation uses the ‘open market’ to determine an asset’s value, as opposed to its price at retail. This is to ensure settlements are not based upon previous purchase prices or insurance values which are disproportionate from the current, realisable value to the individual.


Our family division valuation services include:

  • Item appraisal - A concise description so that each item can be identified
  • Multiple colour photographs