Fellows to Auction Items from "Legendary" Diver's Estate

On Monday 23rd January 2012, a specialist auction of Vintage & Modern Wrist Watches will be held at Fellows.Some particularly intriguing items are those that belonged to the world renowned deep-wreck diver and explorer, Carl Spencer.

Carl Spencer was born in 1970 in Bloxwich and was well known for joining the Bluebird Project in 2000 to recover the body of the world water-speed record holder Donald Campbell from Coniston Water. After 34 years, rescuers found change in the pockets of Campbell's over clothes and a cigarette lighter which still worked. In 2007 Spencer managed to recover a missing piece of Bluebird's frame.



Spencer also went on to dive on the wreck of the Cunard Carpathia - one of the steamers that went to Titanic's aid, becoming one of only two people on earth to have seen both ships. Unfortunately Spencer lost his life in 2009 whilst diving back on the Britannic commissioned by National Geographic to survey previously unseen parts of the wreck. During his first visit Spencer uncovered evidence that the ship had been sunk by a mine rather than a torpedo - a question that had long divided historians.


Doxa were the first company to design a watch specifically for the sports diving market, introducing the bright orange dial, decompression table on the bezel and producing the first watch with a helium escape valve. In 2010 Dr Pete Millard published a book called "Diving with Legends" which collaborated with the prestigious watch brand. This book bought together the experiences of the foremost names in the diving world and naturally Carl Spencer was amongst them. A limited edition Doxa watch was created to mark this publication with one watch being given to each of the featured divers.



Fellows are delighted to be able to auction two of Spencer’s limited edition Doxa diving watches, which will feature as lots 49 and 50 both with estimates of £1,000 - £1,500.



A Rolex Sea Dweller belonging the the deep-sea diver will also feature in this sale as lot 225 with an estimate of £3,000 - £4,000. Alongside these impressive watches will be memorabilia items from the Carpathia, Donald Campbell’s Bluebird and the Titanic, which will see the 100th Anniversary of its sinking in April 2012.

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