Fellows to Auction Charming Snake Jewellery


On Thursday 21st June Fellows will be holding an auction of Antique & Modern Jewellery.



Featuring in the sale are two interesting lots designed in the form of enchanting snakes (lots 22 and 191).



Snake jewellery has always been a popular motif and it is widely known that Queen Victoria was a great admirer. Prince Albert gave the young Queen an engagement ring in the form of a serpent set with an emerald stone. Entwined with symbolic meaning, the serpent was often believed in Victorian times to represent ‘eternity’ whilst emeralds are commonly associated with ‘wealth’ and ‘hope’.



Snake jewellery from the Victorian era often featured diamond, ruby or garnet eyes with open mouths displaying small sharp teeth.  Today, this design is frequently adapted to more modern pieces and lot 22 – a serpent torque bangle – is a fine example of this.



Lot 191 – a diamond and green-gem snake ring – is more contemporary in design but certainly no less captivating. With a coiled body set with rose-cut diamond this is the perfect piece to make a statement.