In the Spotlight: 'The Painter with Women' Oil on Canvas By Robert Lenkiewicz

Lenkiewicz was based in Plymouth for much of his career, renowned initially for painting scenes of the tramps and vagrants he encountered. He was, however, driven by exploring the psychology of relationships and this is documented in the 24 projects he planned, of which 21 were completed.



This painting comes from one of the larger projects, number 18, entitled ‘The painter with women’, which encompassed some 800 sitters. The theme of ‘Reflections’ was constant throughout this project, and is the main focal point of our painting. Lenkiewicz himself said:



“Relationships are mirrors. The painter looks into the mirror to paint himself; the lover looks into his lover to love himself”.


In 1994, a Lenkiewicz exhibition at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre saw 35,000 view his works in the space of just one week. Since his death in 2002, a dispersal of his back-catalogue has seen a further uplift in interest and his canvasses regularly fetch in excess of £20,000 at auction.



The painting, measuring 201cm x 128cm, (79” x 50.5”) excluding frame, is estimated at £15,000-20,000 and is set to be auctioned in the next Antiques & Fine Art sale on Tuesday 13th December 2011.