Just under 40 individuals and organisations across Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter have come together to fill a total of 160 Christmas hampers to go families across Ladywood Ward, one of the poorest wards in the UK. The boxes cost £25 each and contain Christmas essentials such as Christmas pudding, mince pies, shortbreads and a chocolate Yule log.


A total of £3,250 was donated, with Fellows smashing their initial target of 100 boxes. The biggest donators so far has been Star Digital and Tesco who both filled 20 hampers in total. On Wednesday 11th December the parcels were loaded on a truck for delivery to the Ladywood Community Centre by festively dressed employees, pictured left (including Managing Director Stephen Whittaker as Santa, of course).


Leader of the Council, Councillor Sir Albert Bore commented, “In these days of austerity and financial constraint, it would be easy to write charitable donations off as a “luxury” for more affluent times, and concentrate on providing for those closest to you.  Thank goodness then for the generosity of local businesses and community groups in Ladywood, working together to provide much needed hampers for hard hit families who will have a big surprise this Christmas.  Thank goodness for contributions that have been rolling in to help run parties for children in the ward, and thank goodness for donations of gifts and prizes that will really help to make Christmas special for the most needy families in Ladywood this year.  It is said that adversity brings out the best in people… and in Ladywood more than ever that appears to be the case."


A big thank you to everyone who donated to this important cause:


Louise Ludlam, Quarter Jewellery, Komputer Solutions, St Paul's Gallery, Henrick's Jewellers, PCPT Architects, BPN Architects, E.C. Williams Ltd, Panache Jewellery, Crystalink Jewellery, Wisdom Factory CIC, Geoff Whitefield, Monteith Scot, Star Digital, David Doyle, Simon Rainer, Barques PR, Assay Office, Charles Green, DWJ Birmingham Ltd, Tiffany's Diamonds, Hockley Mint, Fleet Street Group, MCD, Maguire Jackson, CIC, F. Meeks & Co, Jackie Adams, The Liquid Group, LG Properties, TH March, Adrian Hailwood, NAG, Toye, Kenning & Spencer, Ben Griffiths, Jack Cunningham, Suttons Tools, Emma Checkley, Eamon Gaughan, Qucie Green and Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre.