Fellows’ Managing Director Voted ‘Retail Titan’ by WatchPro

Stephen Whittaker, Managing Director of Birmingham-based auction house Fellows & Sons has officially been voted ‘Retail Titan’ by WatchPro on their Hot 100 list designed to honour the ‘movers and shakers’ of the watch industry.


The list was revealed at Altitude 360 in London last night and is designed to give recognition to the ‘extraordinary individuals and teams who work tirelessly to make the UK one of the most vibrant watch markets in the world’. Fellows & Sons was the only auction house to make it on the list.


Founded in 1876, Fellows has become the largest specialist auction house in the UK, holding 38 watch auctions a year. A family-run business for over a hundred years, Fellows has seen considerable growth within the past two decades under Stephen’s management, seeing the business grow from 5 members of staff to over 50. During this time, Fellows has achieved numerous milestones, having been the first auction house in the UK to offer online bidding and the first UK auction house to offer apps and a dedicated mobile site for its customers. Stephen also supports the pre-owned watch market through unique Fellows services such as the ‘Watchauctions’ valuation directory and ‘Customised and Counterfeit’ training seminars.


 Stephen comments: “being included in Watch Pro’s Hot 100 list reflects all the work done by the team of specialists at Fellows. The market is a challenging and exciting one, and I think we’ve brought a huge variety of watches at all price levels to an ever expanding audience which expects transparency and reliability.”



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