Watch Out For Fellows!

Fellows has won two awards in the space of less than one week, having been recognised by industry specialists WatchPro and Retail Jeweller.


Fellows has gone from strength to strength, having being recognised by industry specialists twice in less than a week.


Managing Director Stephen Whittaker made WatchPro’s ‘Hot 100’ list and was awarded ‘Retail Titan’ followed by a ‘high commendation’ at the UK Retail Jewellery Awards after being shortlisted  for ‘Etailer of the Year'.


Founded in 1876, Fellows has become the largest specialist auction house in the UK, holding over 90 auctions a year. A family-run business for over a hundred years, Fellows has seen considerable success within the past two decades under Stephen’s management, seeing the business grow from 5 members of staff to over 50. During this time, Fellows has achieved numerous milestones, having been the first auction house in the UK to offer online bidding and the first UK auction house to offer an app and a dedicated mobile site for its customers.


Judges at the UK Retail Jewellery Awards 2013 thought that Fellows did such an excellent job that it couldn’t go away without being highly commended. “An excellent site that is easy to navigate, informative and that adds value to the luxury market,” said one. Another said it is a site “that will encourage a new customer base to buy from the auction world” and “inspire trust”. They also loved that Fellows had global reach and was “innovative in its position” within the market. 


Fellows is also a leader in the world of auctioned watches, having been voted one of the top five auction houses to buy or sell a watch at by Forbes. 


Managing Director Stephen Whittaker states, “making the Watch Pro Hot 100 list and being ‘highly commended’ at the UK Jewellery Awards in less than a week is a fantastic compliment to everybody who has worked so hard to make Fellows what it is today. It demonstrates that the real auction experience, hammer and all, can be bought online with a great deal of success - a success which we are confident we will see continue.” 


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