A Carlo Giuliano Caduceus Brooch

Carlo Giuliano Brooch

Giuliano began by making granulated gold jewellery in the ancient Greek and Roman style and sold his specialist pieces through established jewellers Hancocks, Hunt and Roskell, and Phillips.

In 1874 Giuliano opened his first retail shop in Piccadilly with his sons Carlo and Arthur, naming it Carlo and Arthur Giuliano. From this date the company flourished, appealing to a rich variety of patrons with the inclusion of royalty as Queen Victoria herself would purchase Giuliano's exquisite items.

Beautifully executed enamelling was a characteristic of Giuliano's work and the quality of enamelling on this brooch, in particular, is typical of their production. With a modest combination of gemstones to accompany the exquisite enamelling the renaissance character is evident throughout Giuliano's work.

Giuliano's early work is signed with his monogram CG but after their father's death in 1895, the brothers Carlo and Arthur, introduced a new mark A&CG that was used right up until the business closed in 1914.

Carlo Giuliano Brooch

Carlo Giuliano Brooch

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