Christian Dior

A 1950's Red Paste and Clear Rhinestone Pendant by Christian Dior

The 1950's marked the beginning of the worldwide boom in the costume jewellery industry. With increased spending power after the Second World War, there was renewed interest in novelties, fashion and accessories in particular. Jewellery became an important part of teenage culture and there was a strong emphasis on glamorous, glitzy looks inspired by pin ups such as Marilyn Monroe.


The 1950's was also at a time when Christian Dior's "New Look" led the way for ideas and colours within the industry, helping Paris to re-establish itself as the centre of world fashion. Dior's pieces of costume jewellery are renowned for their striking colours and floral inspiration taken from his personal love of gardens and the French countryside.

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A 1950's Red Paste andClear Rhinestone Pendant by Christian Dior




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