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Art of Mourning

Fellows were delighted to recently host a sold-out event where mourning jewellery expert Hayden Peters, took us through 500 years of jewellery history.

The jewellery historian and lecturer gave the only European talk of his world tour at our Charles Street office in Mayfair.

We discovered how mourning fashion, culture and art defines a person in society. The presentation travelled between the years of 1400 to 1920 to show jewels as they were worn, how and why they were worn.

You can watch the full talk in the adjacent video. We look forwarding to welcoming Hayden back for more talks in the future.

About The Speaker

Hayden Peters is a Jewellery Historian, Lecturer and Experience Designer. He is an authority on the topic of mourning and sentimental jewellery, which is his primary passion. He founded the Art of Mourning website in 2005 as his teaching platform to share knowledge and educate about this importnat part of history between the years 1400-1920. The website reaches thousands of international students and collectors daily, with over 800 articles detailing the history of early-modern society, politics, design and fashion. Hayden has appeared on television, appeared in international publications, museum installations and written for academic publications.