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Asian Art Week


Asian Art Week is a week of global celebration for worldwide institutions. Asian Art Week begins on November 1 – 10. We spoke to Howard Cheung, who has worked as an International Marketing Specialist at Fellows Auctioneers for six years. Howard has a keen passion for Asian Art, and we began by asking him why the week is so important.


  1. What is so special about Asian Art Week?

Asian Art Week is special because there are so many Asian related items being on display for dealers and collectors alike. This has been the case now since the beginning of the event around twenty-years ago. This gives exhibitors a chance to display their best items. Although it is “Asian Art” there’s much more than just paintings that exhibitors display, there might be books or clothing as well which shows there’s a real mixed bag.


  1. What is it about Asian pieces that is so special?

Most of the Asian pieces were created during a time when everything was designed by hand so one can admire the craft work of the makers. Pieces that are made for the royal families are usually one offs which make them extremely rare.

Howard Cheung asian art week

Howard Cheung, International Marketing Assistant at Fellows Auctioneers


  1. What are some of your favourite pieces of Asian Art and why?

I tend to like items that contain carvings which display the workmanship required. The majority of the time glue was not used on these items. Carvings were done on various materials such as jade, various wood types, ivory and many more for furniture or decoration.


  1. Why is Asian Art week so important for the auction world?

It is an opportunity for auction houses to get their best Asian pieces together and sold for good prices due to the increasing demand for these items. Higher demand means more competition and for the auction world it means higher prices achieved and potential records being broken.


  1. Fellows have an Antiques, Silver & Collectables sale on Monday December 3rd, featuring many Asian items. which is your favourite and why?


Out of the lots coming up in the highlights section, I would go for the 19th century Chinese carved hardstone figure modelled as an immortal. As mentioned previously I always get amazed by the intricate craft work that makes up a piece.

Chinese carved figure

An unusual 19th century Chinese carved hardstone figure modelled as an immortal

  1. What have you done this year to promote Asian Art Week?


We will be marketing using multiple platforms as well as using various Asian Art dedicated websites. We have selected highlights from our December 3rd Antiques, Silver, & Collectables sale which we will give extra promotion to during the week. Our aim will be to ensure we give Asian Art Week a push on our various successful social media platforms. Furthermore, we will create slide shows for televisions around our Birmingham and London offices promoting the event.