Coins and Medals

The Coins & Medals department is a friendly team of three experts, on hand to provide bespoke, professional advice and valuations for buyers and sellers alike.

Our thrice annual specialist sales feature a variety of ancient, commemorative and rare coins from all over the world, war and service medals, and other collectible items of interest.

The variety and quality of our auctions explains their broad appeal. Whether you are an enthusiast of rare and unusual coins or fascinated by the absorbing narratives of medals this specialist auction can cater to all tastes.

A recent auction of Coins & Medals demonstrated an incredible variety of high quality pieces, many of which achieved hammer prices far beyond their original estimates. Ancient and commemorative British coins are always popular: in July 2012 a Charles II Gold Five-Guineas 1677 sold for £3,300, and in November 2013 a George VI Gold Proof Five-Pounds sold for £1,700.  

In the relatively short time Fellows have been holding dedicated Coins & Medals auctions, we have been lucky enough to offer two examples of medals from one of the most iconic British military campaigns in our history: Waterloo. The first Waterloo medal Fellows offered, in October 2012, was awarded to Private Archibald Clark, who enlisted in 1807 at the age of 21 with the 92nd regiment of Highland Infantry. His personal story, being shot with a musket ball through the right knee, and that of his regiment subsequently at the Battle of Waterloo, were enough to whet the appetites of bidders in order to achieve a hammer price of £3,700. 

In July 2013, Fellows were again proud to be offering another Waterloo medal, this time awarded to Daniel Finch of the Second Battalion Coldstream Guards. Although this medal displayed a replacement silver suspension rather than the original steel example, this modification alluded to a long serving recipient. This example sold for double the lower estimate, at £1,600. 

It is always exciting to receive unusual and collectible items, and in particular those that have a connection to Birmingham and the Midlands. We have a history of auctioning boxing memorabilia; in November 2000 we sold the Randolph Turpin 1956 Lonsdale Belt for £23,000, and in July 2014 we sold boxing belt presented to Randolph Turpin by the Boxing News in 1951 for £2,400 and the Jem Carney American Holske International Challenge belt for Light Weight Champion of the World for £7,000. 

We are always looking for high quality items to consign to our auctions of Coins & Medals. We offer regular valuation days held by expert external consultants, and our in-house department is always available to respond to valuation requests. Please email for further information about selling your items at one of our auctions.