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An early 20th century gold diamond and gem-set bird brooch. The old-cut diamond body and wings, with demantoid garnet tail and head, to the ruby eye. Estimated total diamond weight 1.30ct. Length 4.5cms. Weight 4.8gms.

Condition Report

Overall condition good to fair. Surface scratches and discolouration in keeping with general wear and age. The diamonds are bright, lively and well matched. Light nicks and chips can be seen to some. Fine feathers can be seen under magnification. Individual size and setting prevents accurate colour and clarity assessment. The demantoid garnets are well matched with a bright and vivid yellowish-green, with good clarity showing typical inclusions with magnification, some stones are chipped, all are abraded. The ruby is a pinkish-red showing typical inclusions that do not affect the passage of light through the stone. The US prohibits the importation of items containing rubies or jadeite originating in Burma. Please be advised that inability of a purchaser to import any such item into the US or elsewhere will not constitute grounds for non-payment or cancellation of the sale.

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