Fellows to Auction the Prince Charming of Watch Royalty

On Monday 23rd January the auction of Vintage & Modern Wrist Watches will take place with over 250 fantastic lots.




One of the main highlights to feature in the sale is lot 189 - a gentleman's 9ct gold Prince Brancard wrist watch, estimated at £7,000 - £9,000


In 1928 Rolex launched their most successful non- round model, the Rolex Prince. The movement design allowed the balance wheel and the barrel to be separated, allowing both to be larger. This meant that the watch would run for a longer time between winding and would be more accurate. In fact the vast majority of the Princes sold in Britain were sold with chronometer certificates.


The Brancard model with the flared lugs that will feature in Fellows auction was the more exclusive side of the collection, with original prices 10% higher than the classic, straight sided version. The striped watch case was introduced two years after the model launch and remains the most popular. This particular piece encompasses a classic Art Deco design on the dial that coordinates perfectly with the angular case.


You can view this item in more detail by clicking here


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