Bonzo Watercolour By George Ernest Studdy, (1878-1948).


The watercolour depicts an idyllic summer's cricket game being briefly disturbed by the mischievous antics of the young Bonzo, who has clear aspirations of joining the fielding side, notwithstanding the muzzle he has on!


A mixture of various traits of other common dogs, he made his proper debut in the illustrated newspaper The Sketch in 1922 and became a regular feature, usually appearing in amusing or calamitous capers.


His popularity led to the manufacture of a plethora of highly commercial merchandise and he was used in a variety of advertisements, selling anything from tobacco to automobiles. He even featured in one of the first neon signs at London's Piccadilly Circus!


Studdy himself was a commercial artist whose training saw him specialise in drawing animal anatomy. Throughout his career his cartoons appeared in many publications, children's stories, and postcards but the immutable rascal Bonzo was without doubt his most memorable creation. Studdy stopped drawing him after 1927, however, Bonzo's popularity has continued well into the present day, as the wide range of merchandise associated with him remains highly collectable.


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Bonzo Watercolour By George Ernest Studdy, (1878-1948)

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Bonzo Watercolour By George Ernest Studdy