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Free Auction Estimates

If you’re thinking of selling an item then you’ll need an Auction Estimate.

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What’s an Auction Estimate?

An auction estimate is an opinion of an item’s current value in the open market. It is given in the form of a value range. i.e. £1,000 – £1,500.

Although this valuation is no guarantee of the price it will achieve at auction, due to the experience and expertise of our valuers, you can trust that this estimate will be as accurate as possible.

Auction estimates do not reflect the price a similar item may be offered for at retail and therefore aren’t suitable as indications of replacement value to most insurers.

Insurance Valuations

If you’re thinking of insuring an item or need a post-loss assessment, then you require Insurance Valuation.

Please contact us on 0121 212 2131 to request a quote.

What’s an Insurance Valuation?

An insurance valuation consists of a written, researched document detailing the appropriate market replacement value for an item in the event of loss.

These cannot be produced online as the item must be sighted by the valuer. They are carried out in strict accordance with the Institute of Registered Valuers Code of Practice, which is now insisted on by many insurers. You can read more about the Institute of Registered Valuers here.

This service is chargeable on a per-item basis. Fast track valuations may be available depending on the item although turnaround times are typically 2–3 weeks.

For more information please visit our Insurance Valuations webpage.